• Glenn Stewart

Your LMS - a Cost or a Competitive Advantage

Business Cost

We have all heard “If it’s in the budget buy it” but equally we have heard “look just prepare me a cost-benefit case”, but how hard is it to prepare one?

Most learning is not specifically aligned to the organisations business objectives and normally relates to specific skills so it misses the business case routine.

Fragmentation of solutions in large organisations and lack of a central learning repositories make it very difficult to align learning with business objectives.

When learning is so fragmented there cannot be any effective measurement of its outcome. All this makes for a very inefficient learning environment.

Unappealing, tedious, lengthy and even irrelevant learning is a positive discouragement to staff from using any LMS facilities provided by organisations, and only serve to achieve enhancement of the “cost for no real use” argument.

In larger organisations the LMS is not geared to multiple languages, time zones and working contexts, but that is exactly how the businesses need to operate.

The use of an LMS almost seems like an after-thought and in many cases is independent of on the job training or collaborative efforts or any other business imperative, that is no strategy.

When L&D or HR are asked to find an e-learning system it is easy to get hung up on features and forget about the business imperatives which may be driving an organisation.

Competitive Advantage

Competitive businesses need learning systems that drive performance, so how do we achieve that?

The most effective organisations have well defined Learning & Development Strategies.

Integration into a single learning ecosystem with effective focus and measurement make all the difference to focusing learning where it is needed and aligning it to business objectives. All of which means that Return on Investment and Value of Investment can be calculated.

Micro learning can be provided just in time when the staff require it, instead of the learning to become obligatory and proscribed and perceived as irrelevant.

Not only can the LMS provide, track and report on the appropriate learning, it can also suggest and recommend learning which may be spotted as a skills gap, a compliance requirement or even a natural progression for the individuals.

Many years ago Peter Drucker said in his famous business quote “If you can’t measure it then you can’t manage it”.

When businesses start to align their learning strategy and ecosystem with their business imperatives, then they increase their competitive advantage and become even more profitable in its’ widest sense, for business, for customers and for staff.

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