Scaling your Business

Business growth means scale staff training, but < 40% of employees feel they have the opportunity to learn. 

Better training means less absenteeism, fewer safety incidents and higher productivity, but is my training having any effect? You have to measure productivity before and after training. 

Do you do feedback as part of the training, or later when they have forgotten it.

Do you take advantage of micro-learning,  shorter lessons aiding retention and easier to schedule.


Immediate training gives up to 17% in productivity. 5-7 minute modules can make staff up to 58% more willing to complete the training. It is also easier to produce by your in-house team in smaller chunks.

A Learning Ecosystem is the technology backbone of scaling your business. It needs to be flexible; easy to use any device anywhere; provide social and collaborative elements; provide engagement and feedback; be multi-tenanted solution providing a continual presence with your clients; provide marketing and sales facilities